Schmidt, Paul F., Coping with Difficult People, Philadelphia: Westminster Press, 1980. Book on relating to people who have personality disorders.

Schmidt, Paul F., Growing Your Love Life, Charleston, SC: Booksurge, 2007. Subtitled, “Vital Balance in Single Adult Relationships.”

Schmidt, Paul F., The Character Assessment Scale. Copyrighted test materials and manual published by the Institute of Character Assessment, l981. Presented also to the 1981 annual convention of the American Psychological Association , and sold in over a dozen countries.

Schmidt, Paul F. Sex: Is it an Addiction? Cincinnati: Forward Movement Publications, 2006. An educational pamphlet for churches about sexual addiction.

Schmidt, Paul F., Five journal articles, researching moral values, self-esteem, and ethics, in The Journa of Pastora Care, The Journal of Psychology and Theology, and the Journal of Psychology and Christianity.

Schmidt, Paul F., over a dozen solo presentations to national, regional, and state professional conferences, on the 3 subjects above plus single adult relationships, addiction to computer pornography, and the Character Assessment Scale.

Schmidt, Paul F. The Traditional Assessment of Wellness, Creative Commons Copyright, 2020. This free, anonymous, onine test of personal well-being was first hosted by LimeSurvey in 2018, and will soon be back online hosted by the GPL3 platform for nonprofits. Its presentation and research is being overseen by Wellness Education for Living and Loving, Inc., soon to be hosted at


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