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In my offices and online Zoom rooms, I’m working to free people from their bondage to painful emotions, addictive habits, and bad relationships. I specialize in marriage, infidelity, single adult relationships, sex addiction, other chemical and behavioral addictions, and devoted loved ones who unknowingly enable people with those disorders. I’ve had education, training, research, publications, and vast clinical experience with each of these specialties.
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When my clients leave behind their old toxic ways, they need to find new healthy habits. You can find Brain Food for the Good Life on ten different issues: Anxiety, Anger, Depression, Dating, Marriage, Parenting, Addictions, Sex Addiction, Codependent Enabling, and Personal Growth in Wellness. These subjects are addressed in 150 articles from my Brain Food blog, and 20 episodes of my Brain Food podcast.
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Wellness Education for Living and Loving (WELL, Inc.) is a nonprofit organization creating a free, anonymous, online test of personal wellbeing, the Better Life Test (BLT).  Using a practical model of wellness in continuous use for the past 3000 years, it evaluates toxic and healthy ways we pursue nine basic issues in life -- truth, respect, peace, support, love, mercy, sexuality, money, purpose, and health.  Demographic data from test takers will show causes and effects of each trait.   At to-the-well.org, people and groups can find a portal for taking the TAW, and three learning tools for each of the nine issues:  Life Lessons, Devotional Guides, and Parenting Tips. 
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Dr. Paul Schmidt practices clinical psychology in Louisville and Shelbyville, KY. Educated at Vanderbilt and the University of Colorado, he’s the author of numerous journal articles, two books, and two personality tests. Both his blog and podcast provide Brain Food for the Good Life.


For all specialties below, Dr. Schmidt has done at least three of the following: received training certification, written a book, done research, taught classes or workshops, or written published newspaper and journal articles.
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Love, Marriage and Family Relationships
Pornography, Infidelity, and Sexual Addiction
Managing Anxiety, Anger and Depression
Life Coaching and Personal Growth
Addictions: Recovery and Enabling

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Listening to Dr. Schmidt’s practical insights and suggestions will turn your painful emotions, relationships, and habits into healthier mindsets for a happier lifestyle.
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