Groups during Covid-19

Group therapy from home at reduced prices is now being offered, using Zoom so we can all see each other during the session, with no special app or equipment needed on your end but a smartphone with audio-video.  I've paid for extra security for these meetings:  your picture and sound are encrypted before they leave your phone or computer.  All these groups will meet weekly with 3 to 6 members, with your cost per month going down with each new member added.  To encourage people to get started, your first group session is free.  The monthly cost of this groups will be about the cost of one individual session a month with me. Click here for group rules and pricing.

Each session will operate like a hybrid group:  part therapy group, part class, part accountability group, and part 12-step support group, in various proportions, given the needs and wishes of the group.  Clients who can no longer attend live 12-step groups during the virus quarantine period can get a concentrated dose in these virtual get-togethers.  Click here for group rules and pricing, and click on each type of group here for the exact purpose, format, and schedule:  I'm offering a group for Coping with Coronavirus Changes (Re-ordering our Lives), Men's Personal Growth, Women's Personal Growth, Sex Addiction, Alcoholism/Substance Abuse, a group for Wives and Lovers of Sex Addicts, and a group for Wives and Lovers of Male Addicts.

If you are interested in joining one of these groups online, send me an email to [email protected]   answering these questions:  1.  Which group would you like to join?  2.  Could you make the time listed for this group work for you?  3.  If not, what times would work for you?   4.  Would you be willing to start up with a group of just three, at $50 per group, or would yo rather wait for four/$40?   When I have enough to start, I will contact you back, first come, first served.  I'll also answer then any questions in your email that you may have asked me.  I will change the times for these groups only if there is a clear need and agreement on a different time.


Dr. Paul Schmidt is a psychologist life coach you can reach at [email protected], (502) 633-2860.


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