February 16, 2020
Growing Younger on the Inside

GROWING YOUNGER ON THE INSIDE AS YOUR BODY AGES ON THE OUTSIDE At seventy-two, I am less and less interested in the exterior of people’s lives – what their bodies, clothes, houses, vacations, or social media images look like.  I pay more attention now to how their eyes twinkle, how their voice dances, how their […]

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September 1, 2019
Where do Wellness and Wisdom come from?

MY FIVE COMMUNITIES AND WISDOM STREAMS Wisdom is knowing what matters, what is good, what lasts, what is real, and especially, what is best for all concerned in the long run.  I have five sources of truth from which I draw regularly, to guide my life and my work.  They all confirm each other, so […]

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June 18, 2019
Communities and Wisdom Streams

MY FIVE COMMUNITIES AND WISDOM STREAMS 1.  Christian faith and biblical wisdom -- I have enjoyed 35 years in two local congregations, the Disciples of Christ into which I maried, and the Presbyterian church in which I was raised as a fifth generation member.   I served both as a teacher, elder, pulpit search committee member, […]

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